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Welcome to the Chapmans Tape Table.  Thanks for stopping in.  Here you can take a look at what the Chapmans have to offer in way of Recordings and merchandise.  Or you can take a listen to some of the sound bytes we have for you.  E-mail us or write if you would like more info. on anything you see here.  And Click on the Order Form buttons to print out an order form.

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FollowMeSm.jpg (7984 bytes) Our newest CD "Follow Me" is now available at a special price.  Check it out here!!


The Chapmans, Bluegrass Music, Notes Cover Sm.jpg (2576 bytes)   Notes From Home

lovesgolit.jpg (1902 bytes)  Love's Gonna Live Here

have_piclit.jpg (1433 bytes) Have Picks... Will Travel

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The New T-Shirts



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We have a new 8x10 photo of the band now available.   You can have it personalized for yourself or a friend at no extra cost.  Just specify on the order form how you would like it made out.

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For More Information, E-mail us at

Or to order,  Print out our Order Form.



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To book available dates, contact:


Deaton Entertainment

P.O. Box 344

500 Bluegrass Trail

Suwanee, GA 30024

Phone (770) 271-9056

Fax (770) 271-2365


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