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Want to help promote The Chapmans in your area while getting free stuff like, T-shirts, autographed pictures, CD's, posters, show tickets, and more?


Street Team

For your consideration 

Looking for ways to support your favorite artists, while at the same time receiving autographed merchandise, CDs, and tickets?  Search no longer! Pinecastle Records announces our Artist Street Team Program.  Bluegrass street teams provide fans the opportunity to get involved with the music industry as well as show support for your favorite artist and bluegrass music.   We here at Pinecastle Records are looking for groups of people who are willing to join street teams to promote our artists, while at the same time, receive rewards.

 What are street teams?

Street teams are groups of people formed in different towns to help promote and support a variety of bluegrass artists. Members of street teams will be responsible for a variety of tasks such as: 

                   ·       Calling requests into DJ’s

·       Handing out flyers and merchandise for artists coming to the area    

·       Product counts in stores where merchandise is available and requesting it if it’s not in stock

·       Adding links to your local bluegrass association’s webpages

·       Leading chat room discussion groups on our artists

·       Call local newspapers to set up reviews, interviews, etc.

·      Writing album reviews & rating projects on websites like CDNOW,, etc.

·       And anything else to help promote our artists.


The different tasks set forth by the Street Team Coordinator, require little time and no money, but provide the artist with much appreciated support and pertinent information. What better way to show your love for bluegrass music and the artists?

 Who can be a part of street teams?

 Anyone with a love of bluegrass music and wants to show their support can take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.  These teams are open to all that are interested.

 What are the incentives to street team members?

 Incentives will be based on information provided by the members and the number of times a song is played on the radio. If the street team is successful at meeting their goals, incentives can include t-shirts, CD’s, autographed merchandise, and tickets to festivals, etc. 

 We encourage all who have a love for bluegrass to help keep the tradition going and join the Pinecastle family.  What a great way to get close to your favorite artists.  If you have any questions or would like to receive detailed information on our street team request, please contact Tyson Reber, Promotions Manager @ (407) 856-0245.


Visit the Pinecastle website, to learn more.


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